Aunt Charlie's Attic Supports our nonprofit animal sanctuary

Saving animals is what we do! This is their last stop and their forever home! Koda (pictured) was our first new resident he is a 2 year old Doxie mix most of our animals come to us because they are unwanted we save them because we know they are not bad!

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Big or small we will take them and care for them for the rest of their lives!

Teaching compassion for animals is one of our missions as well as helping our community to understand their resources and give guidance and help.

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Selling Secondhand and Consignment

Reducing our carbon foot print and helping save Mother Earth is another mantra we like to use! Keeping millions of pounds of clothes and other items out of the landfills is a win win that we work hard for.

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Glenda & Coco was the beginning

Back in 2015 my granddaughter and I came out of the grocery store to find these little girls (not even a year old) left tied to shopping carts in the Vegas summer heat so we brought them home and found them a home! That is how we decided to start this nonprofit.

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The handmade items you see I make myself and our clothing comes from donations and consignment customers. We pride ourselves in selling clothing and other items that are in excellent condition.